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Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork 90 min

$130 per appointmentFrom $125 per visit with 5 Punch Pass, 90 min passA credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service. Show full pricing
Structural bodywork is unique in that it targets the nervous and facial systems, and can restore alignment and improve quality of movement. Our therapist will spend 90 minutes with you getting to the root of your pain and alignment issues. We understand that pain keeps you from doing the activities you love best, and we want to restore mobility to get you back to your favorite sports, exercise, or recreation. Don’t live with pain any longer! While traditional massage can be relaxing, it often doesn’t get correct the problems that are causing you pain. Structural bodywork is different, and can help you

  • Feel better right away
  • Get long-term relief
  • Recover faster
  • Do the activities you love pain-free

Let us help you regain movement and finally get rid of painful movement—schedule a 90 minute therapeutic massage and bodywork session today!

Morning Afternoon Evening
Dec 12 Wednesday 0 4 Times Available 0
Dec 13 Thursday 0 1 Times Available 0
Dec 15 Saturday 7 Times Available 2 Times Available 0